the RAt that I Am…

Originally from New York, I have since lived abroad as well as a period in the western states, a semicolon in Ohio, and a comma in northern Virginia – where I am still currently punctuating habitually.

I am a firm believer in the old adage that “laughter is the best medicine” and I try to find something humorous in every situation. Of course, there are some situations where any self-styled “humor” should be kept to oneself (such as what transpired on 9/11) but for the most part, the funny should be shared, laughed over and brought back out often (though not too often) to relive the chuckle.

That said, why am I here?

First, I will hope to be funny but as there are so many different types, tastes, and flavors of such, the odds are you will only find every fourth or fifth post to be funny to you, so be advised to come back for every fourth or fifth post or so.

You’ve been warned!!

I started writing humorous poetry while I was in college. The first volume of that stuff was dusted off and published earlier this year, Mechanical Mouse, and I am busy dusting off the few sequels I have stashed away in the garage… or somewhere…

Other than the poetry, I have written a bunch of humorous short stories over the years – none of which ever got published – so I will probably be assembling a short story collection some time in the near future as well.

And, last but not least, I have finished a few novels as well. The first one was published in early 2012, When the World Went Mad. It’s about time travel of the accidental sort and an aging farmer finds himself bumped forward some four centuries forward in time. And he is not the only one dumped in that century. And things are kept on a low key by all the travelers arriving until the arrival of the raptors and a T-rex. Then there’s a general panic to get everyone back where they came from.

Hopefully, you find it more humorous than the short synopsis.

And since Martian Publishing (the crazy people who actually published my books) specialize in science fiction, I’ll be dusting off those stories first.

Who knows, maybe by this time next year I will have actually sold a couple of books.

[Author of the novel When Time Went Mad (and another time travel tale a Waste of Time due in 2013) available in digital and print formats, and author of the cynical poetry accumulation: Mechanical Mouse, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble among others.]

You can stay abreast of forthcoming titles at Martian Publishing’s website or facebook page.


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