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mouse that roared

Looks like North Korea is madder than a wet hen and they’re not going to take this abuse lying down!

No, sir!!

They refuse to be pushed around by the United States anymore.

And if we don’t stop, they are going to nuke the U.S.!

Hey! I’m shaking already.

But actually, this reminds me of a very humorous book I read years ago about the Duchy of Grand Fenwick and that tiny nation’s war with the United States.

The book, the Mouse that Roared, was written by Leonard Wibberley in 1955 and subsequently made into a movie by the same name starring Peter Sellers. I took to it immediately as I am fond of rodent-related humor.

The context of the story was the US production of a “knock-off” of their famous pinot wine. It was hurting their economy, so they declared war. The idea was to lose the war and get a large “aid package” from the Americans.

Unfortunately, the armor-clad troops from Fenwick arrive in New York during an air raid and stumble across a serious bomb (called “the Q bomb”), which they take and then force the US to sue for peace.

It was all very humorous.

Almost as funny as what North Korea is doing. Although it is quite a bit larger than the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, their threats are as comical.

After all they did recently send Dennis Rodman back to us.

But I still think I’ll wait until the film comes out.

Too bad Peter Sellers isn’t still around.