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All these politicians are racing around like heads with their chickens chopped off trying to stem the tide called “fiscal cliff”.

If they were really serious about the whole fiscal cliff issue, they would reduce their own salaries, pass the balanced budget amendment, AND give the president the line-item veto. They would rather panic at the year end, every year.

And they would also stop adding pork-barrel riders to bills that have nothing to do with the riders.

In order words, they would become fiscally responsible.

Yeah… like that’s gonna happen.

Not in my lifetime, I am certain. Those guys will take the country down to hell in a hand-cart before they stop greasing the palms that got them elected. It’s not in their character to do anything for the people.

Jeez! What a bunch of lily-livered cowards. But – Hey! – we keep re-electing them, right?

Just desserts and all that…

Well, I am a cynic, you know.