There is a race problem in America.

We’ve known about this for years.

The loud indignation that accompanied the creation of such obvious racial entities as the National Association for the Advancement of White People and the United Caucasian College Fund were just the start.

Then came the Miss White America Pageant and the odious White Entertainment Television and the tempers were at a boiling point.

When the jury came back with the “Not Guilty” verdict, the police were geared up and ready across the land for the ensuing riots they were sure would emerge when people realized O. J. Simpson was allowed to walk for his crime.

Yes, it is certainly sad what has happened in America.

And today we are left with the awesome fallout from the Zimmerman trial.

A century and a half ago, there would not have been such a problem. At that time, George Zimmerman would have been called a “quadroon” and would therefore have been legally a “black”.

Today, we have a more liberal and forward thinking media which portrays him as “white”.

Yes, we have made progress… of a sort.

There have been killings in America between ethnicities that have not garnered such attention but then they did not have the media coverage or a President pushing for a trial because he has his own personal agenda on the gun issue, which he continues to push in some demented context of “honoring” Trayvon Martin.

Sad. So very sad.

Now we see pictures of Martin Luther King in Trayvon’s hoodie (over protests of his daughter) and protests from Stevie Wonder claiming he’ll never play in Florida again…

Of course, he and other artists will continue to perform for other human-rights violators but – hey! – they’ve got to draw a line somewhere, right?

And now David Simon, creator of “the Wire”, has proclaimed that he is “ashamed to be an American” because of the outcome of the trial.

Personally, I’m ashamed he is an American too!

The racial bias in our country’s education system should have incensed him, or the wars in the Mideast that our President promised to stop some five years ago, or the thousands dying by the hand of our armed forces, our drones, our corporate endeavors to rape and pillage the third world nations…

Why do none of those things make him be ashamed to be an American?


I agree with Bill Cosby. This case had absolutely nothing to do with race until the media made it so with a little help from the President and a few misguided individuals with their own political agenda.

Friends of mine – of all various ethnicities – expressed sadness at the death of the young man but none of them were rioting at the outcome.

They are all responsible people and good citizens, unlike those prone to violence.

As usual, the violence is a response to a general frustration of powerlessness to change conditions.

And the victims of the violence – as usual – were all different ethnicities as well.

It has nothing to do with race and it never did.

At least not that race issue.

  1. Donnatella says:

    THANK YOU for saying that so eloquently and for saying it. My only question to David Simon is what was your public response when OJ Simpson was acquitted?

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